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HD Ready

HD Online Video?

Sometimes a new product comes along that just makes me wiggle my toes — and recently I’ve come across another!

We’ve come across an HD Video Player that is an incredible HD solution for all of you out there, whether you are uploading videos to your blog or your website.

This HD Video Player is quite simple to use and Wes, the creator of the player, will give you all kinds of help to get your videos up and running in stunning High-Definition in no time.

This HD Video Player console comes with a code generator, which allows you to place instances of your player in multiple positions throughout your online marketing channels.  For example, you could have several copies of the player on various pages of your website (maybe you’d like to have your portfolio on both your home page AND your portfolio page), while also having numerous individual videos uploaded to your blog.  Well, with this particular player you can do all of that.

The greatest thing about this HD Video Player in our books is that it detects the download speed of the viewer’s computer, and then delivers the video product at a rate appropriate to them.

And all in stunning HD!

Here at Molly Media Studios, we’ve been using this player for several months now, and have been seriously pleased.  We can place copies of our videos all over the place, and adjust the size of the player according to our own specifications (yet another feature of the player).  Our clients constantly comment on how important it was for them to see our work in such pristine quality as they were first researching our services.

This is one HD Video Player that delivers.  At a very low price (about US$ 30/month), you won’t be disappointed.  And if you’re kind of tech-phobic, then we’d be happy to assist you in working with this wonderful solution.