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We ran across a glitch the other day.

Darren was working on uploading the new Your Voice Matters video to our excellent new HD Video Player. After converting the video to several data transfer rates, he uploaded them easily over the internet. But they wouldn’t play.

So much for our new online video…

iplayer screenshot

Here's a screenshot of our new HD Video Player from our website!

So he deleted them from the server and re-uploaded them to them again. Still, no working video.

The problem we were facing was that this video, as a document of a timely project, really needed to get online quickly, but we just couldn’t figure out what Darren was doing wrong.

So we sent off an email to Wes, the founder of our new HD Video Player solution. Now sending off an email to Wes is a story in itself. No matter how many times we had to call on Wes for help when first setting up our new HD Video Player on our website, he was always — and we mean always — readily available, super-duper knowledgable and wonderfully prompt! Of course, Wes’s excellent customer service shone through again.

We emailed Wes about 7:00 a.m., and by the time that 9:30 a.m. had rolled around, we had not only an email from Wes describing what we had done wrong while encoding the video, but we also had his assurances that he was personally re-encoding our HD Video for us and would also ensure that it was working in our new HD Player.

It’s really refreshing to find that customer service with a product purchased online. So often, nowadays, it is difficult to reach individual, live humans on the other end of phone lines, and getting good solid help navigating the inns and outs of a new product is like having diamonds in your pocket.

And so, yet again, the purveyors of our new HD Video Player for our website came through with flying colours. Helpful, courteous and an excellent product.

Check Wes and his player out. Can’t ask for much more.