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And why is this?

Several reasons, actually.  And both of them bode well for anyone practicing Video Search Engine Optimization.

The first reason has to do with how search engines try to please all of us.  In order to cater to all kinds of people using search engines like Google and Bing, they offer blended search results.  Blended search results are those results that offer up all manner of offerings, from pdf files to image files to webpages to video.

Yes — video.

Ever notice how when you search Google for something you get these blended search results?  Google thinks this is what you want.  And it makes sense, doesn’t it?  I’d much rather have offerings of several different kinds to choose from, and if there’s video I often will click on that first.

Blended Search Results for Molly Media Studios

Maybe the reason I click on the video results first is because I love video — but I’m not alone.  Those searches producing video results are attractive to a lot of people because, when all is said and done, lots of people like to watch online video.  That’s one of the reasons why YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet!

The second reason that Video Search Engine Optimization has an advantage over other SEO tactics has to do with the point in time which we occupy.  Let’s face it — there are a lot more websites out there on the internet than there are videos.  And when a search engine is producing results for your query the sheer pool size of site offerings is much larger than the pool of videos to choose from.

In other words, successfully optimized video will have a greater chance of making it to the front page of your search results than many other text-based results.

So the upshot of all of this is that not only is it important to have video on your website to boost your search engine rankings, but it is crucial to have it successfully optimized for search engines!