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On July 13, Motionbox, a mostly free video sharing platform, announced the sale of the company to Snapfish, a mostly free photo sharing platform. It seems Snapfish looks to integrate Motionbox’s video technology into its platform and extend video sharing services to its millions of subscribers. While Snapfish subscribers might celebrate the new services this acquistion brings, Motionbox users are hardly celebrating.

Motionbox's Legacy

Turns out Snapfish does not intend to offer all of Motionbox’s features including, and especially, the ability to embed videos. This has caused widespread grief and anger among the many Motionbox subscribers whose videos, on August 10, were disabled and left out in the cold. It has also caused a widespread exodus from Motionbox as subscribers seek alternatives.

Rear View of Exodus from Motionbox

Many Motionbox subscribers used the service to deliver important video content for their businesses, schools and churches. Some paid a subscription for their relationship with Motionbox. They are all looking for an alternative and many have found the same new HD Video Player that we at Molly Media Studios have found!

You mean you STILL don't have HD Video on your website or blog???

Great minds think alike.

We’ve found that one of the greatest aspects of working with this new HD Video Player is their customer service.  If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to encoding your HD video for the web, the proprietor over there will walk you every step of the way.  We even commented about his service in a previous blog.

So if you, like so many Motionbox clients, find yourself in a pickle regarding getting an excellent new HD Video Player, then this is your lucky day!

Happiness is a Great New HD Video Player!