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I might be revising my list once again.

Molly Media Studios

What would be on your list?

But you wouldn’t know that, would you?  You’ve never been privy to my own list of the four greatest inventions that we, as humans, have given to ourselves.

And that’s not to be confused with the four greatest gifts gifted to us by God — that’s another list that, should you navigate back one day, you might find written up in full, too (for example, Coffee ranks on THAT list).

Coffee, Dogs, Sunshine, Raspberries

God’s Greatest Gifts to Mankind

I digress.

I Digress?

I can’t remember when I drew up the first list.  Several years ago at least.  And through time the list has grown from “This is the Greatest Thing Humans Have Ever Created” — obviously just one contender for the list — to a list of four brilliant inventions that make our lives just a little better during this time on earth we call life.  Why four?  I don’t know.  It’s not like there can only be four.  But it seems that lately every time I decide to add one to the current list, I’m ready to retire another from the status quo.

Four Inventions Make the List at Molly Media Studios

Four Inventions Make the List at Molly Media Studios

Why four?  Because.

And so the list, up until this past week, stands thusly (and in no specific order):

1)  the Electric Foot Bath/Massager

2)  the Heating Pad

3)  the Rotisserie

Rotisserie in a bar-be-que.

4)  the Microwave Oven

Okay, okay — keep it down!  I can hear you all grumbling and complaining and disputing my choices.  But that’s just it.  They’re my choices.  And any psychologist worth their weight in salt would insist the list offers clues to my subconscious wheelings and dealings.  Whatever.  The fact remains that the list is mine, and I have no problem offering reasonings behind all the choices!

The first choice, the Electric Foot Bath/Massager is kind of a weird choice, right?  I think so too.  But let me tell you, on those days after climbing stairs and trudging through the city streets hauling a camera, microphones, cables, lights and whatever else I might be lugging along for the job, after another 14- or 15-hour day, let me tell you that plastic foot massager thing that you fill with warm water and turn on with your toes — that thing — is INCREDIBLE.

So Sorry, But This is NOT a Photo of Me.

I keep mine on the shelf above the hot water heater in the bathroom closet out here in my little haven where I live with Molly, Dobby, Rocky.  If I leave it anywhere near the floor, Rocky will certainly chew off the electric cord…  He likes to do that, the little…erm…’dear’.  I don’t pull it out often, but when I do I’m in just in my own little haven, but I’m in my own little heaven!

Who could argue the second choice?  What, you?  Okay.  I give you one week out here in little haven with only three dogs to keep you warm and a wood stove whose heat just doesn’t reach the bedroom — I’ll give you all that, with some 15 degree below nights, and see if the heating pad doesn’t make it to YOUR top four list!

Enough said.

And choice three, the Rotisserie?  Ohhhh.  If you had been here last summer when I revised the list to include the Rotisserie…  That was the afternoon I slow cooked a pork roast liberally dusted with spices on my new Rotisserie on my new bar-be-que.  No, you can’t imagine it.  It has to be tasted to be understood.  And even then, there is no understanding, only the taste of the roast lingering on your tongue.

And the Microwave?  Why the microwave?  Well, yes it’s an odd choice for a top four list.  But I was thinking a couple of weeks ago about the Jetsons, and I was imagining how on the Jetsons they just put their dinner in this machine and it comes out cooked.  That’s the future.  We put our food into a kitchen appliance and it suddenly comes out cooked.

Sounds like a Microwave to me!

(From which I can only conclude that we are, in fact, living in the Future.  How cool.)