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What was it the white rabbit kept saying?  “I’m late!  I’m late!”


Video production ahead of schedule!



Well I’m not!  (whew!)


Keeping track of your editing hours is kind of like this!



Around Molly Media Studios, things are going along quite smoothly, despite lots of work and lots of wonderful changes in the happening.  And the worst part of all of it?  I can’t say anything about any of it right now…


Video Production at its finest.



Big bummer.  Seriously.  Why so serious?  Seriously, big bummer.


Wasn't THAT a great film?



Suffice it to say that we’re in the final post-production stages in two projects – one very large, and one ever so exciting.

Despite the fabulous clients we are working with, we found time to sponsor the fourth annual Sault Ignite evening that occurred here on 10 February 2011.  It was a wonderful evening, and the evening’s speakers all brought a touch of passion/obsession to their conversations.


Molly Media Studios sponsored this last Sault Ignite evening.



Additionally, we were contacted a few weeks ago by Jakov Sedlar, a video/film guy in Croatia.


I THINK this is a pic of Jakov Sedlar, who contacted Molly Media Studios from Croatia to shoot some footage here in Sault Ste. Marie.



He contracted with us to shoot the beautiful Croatian Catholic Church here on Second Line in Sault Ste. Marie during a Sunday morning service in Croatian.  I was quite impressed with the six different stained glass windows there.  Maybe it was the sun that day.  It was quite cloudy and the sun was struggling through the falling snow.  And we were there just nearing the end of quite a chunk of snow that had fallen through the night before.





Not that a chuck of snow had fallen.  But that lots of it had fallen.  Whatever.

Seriously, the stained glass windows that day, while we where shooting, were stunning.  And we had a great shoot that Sunday morning.


Artwork in the church.




More artwork in the Croatian church.




Stained glass windows in the Croatian church in Sault Ste. Marie.




Stained glass window in the Croatian church in Sault Ste. Marie.



So we spent that night transferring the digital tapes from HD to PAL, which is what the Mr. Sedlov preferred, and then rendering and encoding throughout the rest of the next day in order to have them in time to send off.


Sending stuff to Croatia by express courier is a nightmare, by the way.



Another “whew!” can go right here.

We’re very excited about the work we’re doing for the City of Sault Ste. Marie right now.  After a very short and packed shooting schedule during November, we’ve been editing and color grading and putting finishing touches on the twelve videos we are working on for them.  We’re very excited, but I’m afraid I cannot put out any images from the production for a few weeks yet…

Sorry folks.


Boo-hoo, can't show you.



And there’s another project we’re very proud of, too.  We’ve been doing some great work in collaboration with someone special.  Enough said about that.  But more about that soon.  Still, we are very excited about it.


Aren't you getting tired of what we can NOT show you?



And more things are in the works.  We’re about to inhabit a new space!  We’ve found a home for our studios – both the editing and the shooting studios.  The site is great, but it’s got “lots of potential” — if you know what I mean.  Again, very excited about it.  Seriously.  I really feel that this space lends itself to creative thought and creative production, and we’re thrilled about our new space.  More to come on this front, too!

And I guess that is is for now.  Enjoy the beautiful spring we are having.  Ice and snow melting, longer days again, muck and mud in the yard for the dogs to play in…  Gotta love it!  And so I’ll leave you with a beautiful pic to contemplate for the moment:


Spring Poppies for the coming spring.