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Our latest completed project had us collaborating with the creative team at Fuzednotions to produce a video for Best Start Hubs.

Best Start Hubs is this wonderful program throughout the Sault area (and around all of Ontario) that serves early childhood learners up to age 6.  Some of them have a drop in component which is stocked with great toys of all shapes, sizes and colours to occupy the little ones.  Besides that, they also have specialists on hand to determine whether a child has any of a number of developmental problems.

Everyone we spoke to there really believed in what they do, passionately and profoundly.  We had the chance to interview a few of them for the video — and also had some great time to video the kids while on premises.

The final video will be used to secure funding opportunities, as well as for general marketing purposes like trade shows and the like.

The final video is about five minutes long, but passes quickly, and can also be viewed on our website (http://www.mollymediastudios.com).

See if you aren’t moved by the children…