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We got an email last week from Susan Hunter, host of Local 2’s “Daytime” show, asking Darren to be a guest on her show.  The taping was last week, and the episode aired yesterday.  Since we’ve been a bit swamped with work, this is the first chance we got to blog about it.  How exciting!

The taping went smoothly in the capable hands of the experts at Local 2.  Craig and Kevin handled the day of shooting with usual aplomb.  Susan was a gracious host, and the other guests who were scheduled for taping that day were waiting in the anteroom to the studio when I arrived.

We covered numerous topics in the short interview.  From Darren’s own passion for his creative work to the volunteerism by Molly Media Studios for local events.  Darren covered topics like his favorite video production tasks, what he personally gets out of working with media, and different uses for different video production products.

The interview can be viewed by clicking on the image below:

Click on the image to watch the video!