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Like so many other entrepreneurs, I am often faced with numerous dilemmas throughout the day.

Decision making at Molly Media Studios - minus the funky 'stache

What should I prioritize?  Where are we going?  What are we doing?  Why are we doing it?  Whatever the dilemma I find that I’ve got to make decisions often without much time to think about the decision beforehand.  But that’s the business of entrepreneurship — making quick decisions in order to move on with your work.  And in video production, there’s a lot of choices to be made.

Striving to nurture creative thinking at Molly Media Studios.

I like to take my time making decisions.  Not whole bunches of time, but time enough to think about various possible outcomes and formulating plans of action depending on the outcome at hand.

Where do I find the time to think?

Where do we find the time to think anymore?

Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we are so saddled with all the balls we have to keep juggling in the air that we are sometimes making snap decisions that really require some thought beforehand.  Financial decisions, personnel decisions, marketing decisions.  But how do we get past the fluff in the way of our sight of the problem?

Trying to find your path amidst all the different possibilities is difficult. We need time to sit and quiet our minds.

We need to find time to slow down.  We need to find time to just sit and think.  But sitting and thinking is sometimes out of reach for a lot of us.  By the time we sit down to try to work on our problem at hand, we are so distracted with other tasks that it is almost impossible to keep our minds focussed on our problem.  In other words, we finally schedule in time to think for ourselves and we are so stressed out by that time that we cannot think clearly at all.

Which path to choose? Which solution is the right one? How do I reach a decision when there's so much to do?

I’ve been meditating on my business problems lately.  I’ve been scheduling not time to just sit and think, but time to set up relaxation exercises designed to calm my mind, increase my sensual awareness of the world around me, and focus on a directed approach to addressing my business problems at hand.  (I’m sure this would work for personal problems, too.)

Meditating to find some answers.

I’m finding some surprising results from this way of decision making.  I find I’m more comfortable with my decisions because I’ve spent some time seriously considering my problems from all angles before I act.  That’s reassuring.  No longer have I been double guessing myself, wondering if I’m screwing up because I haven’t thoroughly queried the problem.

Meditation can be done by anyone, even if you have difficulty quieting your mind. You just need the right tools to help you!

Another result I’ve been noticing is that my decisions seem to be more creative at root — and that’s great for a video production company.

Sometimes, all we need is a map to finding the answers, and then the answers can be found.

I’m still thinking logically about the problem and looking for solutions that are logically sound, but the answers I’m coming up with in my meditation exercises are more pliable and suited to the problem at hand.  It is as though all the questions I’m asking myself in the relaxed state are really covering a lot of ground, and so the solutions to my problems seem to be more acutely designed to fix the problems.  It’s a more thorough interrogation of the problem, and so a solution that is much more suited to my problem is the result.

Creative business decision making at Molly Media Studios.

I’m feeling good about my decisions.  Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, I find myself questioning my decisions and trying to figure out if I could have done better.  It’s a way of being self critical in order to learn from my mistakes.

Self Criticism is necessary to producing excellent quality results consistently at Molly Media Studios.

But since I’ve been meditating and trying to become a more creative entrepreneur I’ve found that I’m much more assured that my decisions are sound.  This frees up a lot of time because I’m not having to spend time interrogating my results.  Rather, I’m able to move onto the next problem at hand.

It doesn’t take much time to work on your business dilemmas through meditation.  About half an hour to forty-five minutes tops.  But the rewards are so great that it is really worth the effort.

I’ve been thinking about producing some podcasts that will guide the serious entrepreneur through meditation exercises in order to interrogate various business problems and dilemmas.  A series of them, perhaps.  Something that you could turn on, close your eyes, and listen to the guided meditation exercises while following along from behind your desk on any given day.  I think it might be a way of helping others to use this tool that I’m finding so helpful to myself.

Is a podcast in the near future? I could produce it at the studio...

If anyone is interested in maybe working with some of these downloads to try to work out their own business dilemmas then feel free to leave a comment that you’d be interested.  If there is enough interest, then I’ll spend some time producing them.

And I’d love to hear from anyone else who has used techniques like this to boost their business accumen.  Drop us a line to let us know what benefits you’ve received, or what techniques you’ve used, or examples of what this kind of practice has done for you.