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I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships lately.  They are the cornerstone of our video production process here at Molly Media Studios.

Relationship building at Molly Media Studios

I’ve been wondering why certain relationships form so easily while others require such hard work.  Something that has become apparent to me, though, is that relationships make the business rather than the other way around.

Some relationships are harder than others.

Relationships that form throughout the course of working are essential to Molly Media Studios.  I used to think that my business helped me form relationships.  Now I believe that the relationships help me form my business.

At the core of any business are the relationships that build between people.  This is no different in video production.  These relationships can be either nurtured or ignored.  To ignore them means trouble, because when the relationship with a client is ignored, then the client feels ignored.  I know this because I am often on the other end of the relationship; oftentimes I am the customer.  And I know that I feel much more loyal to a relationship when it is being cultivated by both sides, not just my side.

The better way to approach relationships formed through business is to nurture them.  Every client, every contact, adds to the complex network of relationships that surround my business.

Powerful relationships can form during the course of business.

The quality of those relationships is completely dependent upon how much work I put into them.  When I nurture those relationships I strengthen them.  When I ignore them I weaken them.  It’s simple.

Nurture your business relationships.

Every time I call a previous client to see how they are doing, how their business is going, I always ask if there’s anything I can do for them now.  I’m not trying to drum up business.  I’m not trying to get another contract out of them.  Instead, I’m just calling to check in.  Every time I do this, I strengthen the relationships around me.  The strength of these relationships is an indicator of the strength of my business.  And any time I find a way to strengthen my business I find another way of securing my future.

There are perks along the way, too.  The more interest I have in the people surrounding my business, the more I learn from them about all kinds of things.  Maybe I’m learning about new client prospects.  Maybe I’m learning about an event that recently happened in their lives.  Maybe I’m just learning about peoples day-to-day activities.  I may not be learning something that has an immediate concrete effect in my life, but I’m learning about the people in my life, and there’s good in that.

Learning at Molly Media Studios.

You might be surprised what you learn from the people in your life when you just sit and talk to them.  Sure, it is nice to get a lead from someone, but even if you aren’t securing a new contract out of the conversation you are securing the future of your business.  I can’t stress enough how the future of your business lies in the relationships you are forming right now.

Secure your business's future by forming relationships.

Think about that.

Relationships form my business.  Not the other way around.  Sure, I form relationships because of my business, but the core of Molly Media Studios is clearly about the people I come into contact with and the futures we create together.

Now that is something to think about!

Now that's something to think about!

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