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We blogged recently about our tagline for Molly Media Studios – Exceed. Excite. Excel.

We’d like to take a moment and blog about these three words, and what they mean to us here at Molly Media Studios.  They are an integral part of our video production process.

Exceed.  Expectations.  Conventions.  Resolutions.  Strive to be better than you’ve ever been before.  Exceed your own limitations if possible, and if not, then exceed everyone else’s expectations.  Take pride in what you do.  Live for today while working for tomorrow.  Bypass the offramp and drive on through ’til morning.  Every journey begins with the first step – take that step and step off the page.


Excite.  The senses.  The emotions.  The passions.  We all have them, just waiting to be triggered by a turn of phrase or a nuance of the music or the inflection of a voice.  Combine all the elements and cross some boundaries until a new moment is born.  Feeling the big picture while still revelling in the minutiae.  Marrying elements to produce new meaning.  Losing track of the self in the message.  Excite.


Excel.  Do good.  Do better.  Do best.  Do more than what’s been done before.  Surprise somebody.  The extra mile – or kilometre if you will.  What can you offer?  What can you give?  Surpass expectations and deliver dynamically.  Why just finish? – be in the beyond.  Excel at everything you do.

Striving for more - Excel.

Exceed. Excite. Excel.

An example of what we do best at Molly Media Studios.

They are more than just words for us.  Oftentimes we ask each other, Are we exceeding? exciting? excelling?  Is there any way we can take this video production further?

Looking at ourselves.

We look for ways to make our tagline true.  Have we exceeded their expectations?  Is there something more we can do?  Have they been excited by the process?  Can we involve them somehow in ways that would excite them?  Surely the video production process should be fun for them – not another stressful part of their already demanding job.  And have we excelled?  Is there some way to go beyond their expectations?  Can we give something more?  Can we offer them more value without increasing the price?

Is the proof in the pudding?  We think so.  Clients come back.  Relationships – which are at the heart of our business – form and are good.  People recommend us.

If people, rather than cash, are your bottom line then it’s not too hard to exceed expectations.  Or excite their senses.  Or excel at your job.  But people have to be the core of your business, and treating them with respect and giving more than the contract states are essential to keeping them at the core.  No one enjoys being just the next client in a string of short-term contracts.

Are people your bottom line?

Instead, have courage to go beyond.  The rewards – for both sides – are tremendous!