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On Friday 5 August 2011 the second annual Protolaunch Competition took place, with help from the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC).

Molly Media Studios videotaped Protolaunch on Friday, 5 Aug 2011 at Algoma University

Competitors were from Sault area high schools, and each had taken classes in video game construction technology throughout the year.  Along the way, they were collecting buttons like badges for participation in all manner of events.  The ones with the most badges and who had shown the most commitment to the program were chosen to fill summer placement jobs at Algoma University designing and constructing video games.

Grades 9 - 12 participated

There were six groups of students, each group with at least one artist, one programmer, and other roles to fill.

Molly Media Studios videotaped the Protolaunch awards this year, 2011.

Last Friday was the culmination of all their excellent, hard work; they showcased their games and collected awards for participation in the program.

I was amazed by the projects that had been completed.  The winning team was Cave Studios, which designed a game called Illumination.  During gameplay, the player has to prevent the dark shadows from destroying Luma, the last light spirit left in the world.  Saving Luma also means returning light to the Earth for time to come.

The visuals were quite beautiful, and I was really impressed with the complexity of the game.  I think others were, too.  Since they won the competition (by a very close margin, mind you), the game also impressed the judges.

The judging must have been difficult for this years Protolaunch competition.

Here at Molly Media Studios, we were asked to video the afternoon events.  Throughout the weekend, Darren spent his spare time researching musical numbers to accompany the video images.  We were looking for energy and passion, while retaining a digital feel to the music.

At Molly Media Studios, we were looking for just the right piece of music for the Protolaunch video.

To find music in the Creative Commons, when that is what is needed, we often navigate to sites like ccMixter.com or Jamendo.com.  These sites have a lot of music available for attribution rights only.  In other words, you can use the music in your videos as long as you credit the music.

At Molly Media Studios, we sometimes use music in the Creative Commons for our videos.

So after finding just the right musical accompaniment for the video, Darren started editing.  The video isn’t finished yet, but there’s lots of great imagery to use for it.  The different video game screens were colorful and vibrant – easy imagery to intersperse throughout the finished video.  Since the beat of the music is strong and fast, this allows us to cut with short clips, using a lot of movement to our advantage.  This gives a quickly paced video, exciting and compelling.

Exactly what we want.

Since the video isn’t finished yet, we can’t show it to you here yet.  But soon!

UPDATE:  The video can now be seen here:  http://wp.me/p12sV0-gP