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Walking through the woods, I reflect.

I’ve always done this.  With an artist’s eye, I look at shapes and colours and forms and shadows.  I can’t help it.  It is just who I am.

I think about things when I’m walking through the woods.  I think about the things that vex me.  The things that have crossed my path, and the things that have graced me with their presence.  I think about life.

It is during these times that I think about my work.  I think about where I’m going to place the camera during the next shoot.  I think about how I might try a little bit harder in what I do.  I think about where the next moment of inspiration might come from – a moment of music, a striking comment, or even another photo.

I think about my mistakes, too.  Boy, do I think about them…  But it is during these times that I reflect on what I could have done better, and what I might now do about whatever situation has arisen.

As a student at the Dawson Institute of Professional Photography in Montreal, I used to comb the streets with my camera looking for opportune moments to photograph.  I remember being mostly lonely as I walked alone, because I was in a foreign city to myself, unable to speak the language and living in a mostly francophone section of town.

Much has changed since then.  Well, it’s more than 20 years later for one thing.  And I’m no longer mostly lonely, either.  Each day brings different challenges, like how to make better videos and how to balance my dogs, my studio and my clients.

That’s why it’s still nice to walk, and reflect.