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As part of Culture Days 2011, the Sault Public Library is holding a special event on authoring — not just books, but also art, sculpture, film, video production.  As part of this celebration, the library is screening the new rough cut of their video that Molly Media Studios is currently producing.

Culture Days 2011 in Sault Ste. Marie

We are very excited to hear any feedback on this screening, so if you have comments, feel free to call us with them.  We’d love to hear from you.

We L-O-V-E feedback!

The event is taking place at the downtown branch of the Sault Public Library, under a tent they’ve set up for the weekend.

Darren was invited to speak at the event about authoring video, and the video production that we’re working on now for the library in particular.  He would have loved to attend, but he’s so tired from the recent production schedule he’s had to keep up with that he’ll probably bow out gracefully and try to get some much needed rest!

Good luck with that, Darren…

Much needed sleep.

Within about 3 weeks we will be wrapping up production on a video for the combined forces of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Canadian Forestry Service.  What a wonderful project to be involved in.  Darren posted an earlier blog of pics from the overnight trip to Chapleau and back in which the bulk of the footage was shot for the video.

Pic from an earlier blog entry about the overnight trip to Chapleau and back.

You can find it by clicking on the link below:


During the trip, Darren rode alone with Steve Dominy from the Canadian Forestry Service.  Steve is an incredibly interesting man, with deep knowledge about the surrounding forests, the trees, the animals, the rocks, the landscape, the history of the region.  By the end of the trip, Darren had been fascinated with all that Steve had to teach him, and even more impressed with the genuine respect that Steve had for the forestry world around him.

Steve had an incredible amount of knowledge about the forests we were driving through.

We had just purchased our new Nikon D7000 dslr before the trip to Chapleau, and used it extensively during the two days of shooting.  The footage from the camera turned out stunning to look at, the colors so crisp and saturated, the skin tones so beautifully rendered, and the details so wonderfully present.  After getting some sleep that first night back, Darren was up at dawn, looking through the footage and ooohing and aaahing to beat the band!

The footage was stunning.

Footage that still needs to be produced for the MNR video includes several interviews with forestry experts both in the field and in the lab on Queen Street.  The schedule has us finishing up the project around the end of December, 2011.  We’ll have it up for you to see right around then.

The Sault Public Library video will be finished long before then.  Our production schedule has us shooting two more interviews for the piece, and crafting out some aesthetically pleasing text for plugging into the work.

After colour grading, rendering and exporting, this project will also be wrapped up.  Which is perfect timing, because we’re about to go into full swing production with another client, Stone’s Office Supply.

Shooting the Library video was a lot of fun.  We purchased our first jib for the production, and used it accordingly.

Not the exact jib we bought, but pretty close!

What wonderful camera movements!  Darren had a great time planning out shots for this one, envisioning movements in his mind while he was supposed to be drifting off to sleep at night.  The results have been beautiful to look at, and we’re very excited to bring our new jib to other productions in the future.

Planning movements in the pre-production stage of the video.

We spent two days this week filming a local conference set up through the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre that had both social and political leaders together in one room to brainstorm possible solutions to our failing downtown core.  Students from Sault College participated alongside these leaders for part of one day, and the resulting solutions proposed for our fair city were really exciting to listen to.

We shot video for two days during Pod Challenge this week at the Bushplane Museum.

The conference was called Pod Challenge, and brought experts from as far away as Louisville, Kentucky to the Sault’s Bushplane Museum to work together on these proposals.  Unfortunately for Darren, he was working and not participating in the discussions!

Fall arrived.  With a bang, too.  The trees out front of Darren’s living room are splendidly orange and yellow and red and green — a fresh palette for the coming season.  A few of the leaves have begun to fall but not too many yet.  Within days they will, though.  All in all, a wonderful time of year!

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Grasses in the yard on a darkened day.