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A Production Manger holds it all together.  At least, a good one does.

The Production Manager is tasked with making the whole production run smoothly, so that the director can do their job with minimal hiccups.  Through all three stages of the event — pre-production, production and post-production — the Production Manager oversees the work that is being done and works magic to make sure it runs smoothly.

Double exposure snapped with my Nikon D7000 dslr.

During the pre-production phase, the Production Manager helps to plan the whole production process out.  From booking appointments and interviews, to liaising with clients and talent, the Production Manager has their own say in it all.

During the production phase, the Production Manager helps make sure that the director has all their needs met in order to produce the footage.  From making sure the director meets his production schedule to making sure the talent are prepped and ready to go, the Production Manager never rests.

During the post-production phase, the Production Manger oversees the editing (along with the director) to ensure that the original vision for the video production is realized.  From watching rough cuts to keeping an eye on timing, the Production Manager is involved along the way.

Like any other manager who does their job well, the Production Manager wears many hats during the whole process.  A great Production Manager is also part Secretary, part Chef, part Waiter, part Mechanic, part Librarian — in all, part God.  At least, a great Production Manager is a godsend to any Director.

Any video production company needs a Production Manager, even if this job is done by the sole entrepreneur video maker.  A great Production Manager helps to smooth out all kinds of wrinkles in the production process, and this is a skill that is hard to learn.  Sometimes, this is a talent rather than a skill, as some people are just better suited to smoothing over problems.

A great Production Manager is likely to stay cool in tight situations.  When the equipment is failing for no good reason, when the talent are late because of the busses, when the air conditioning system is so intrusive that the audio will likely be sh%t, the great Production Manager will be capable of diving right in and finding solutions to these kinds of conflicts.

A great Production Manager just doesn’t sweat.

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