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A great little Marketing Video can go a long way in helping secure funding.  Let me explain.

A crucial step in the funding application is explaining what an organization does.  But simple explanations aren’t enough most of the time.  For many organizations, their scope of activities are varied and various.  In other words, they do lots of different things in lots of different ways.  Explaining this is the hard part.

Many organizations wear many different shoes in their course of activities.

A well-crafted Marketing Video is like a shorthand of memes; the combinations of music, photography, video, text, and the like weave together to form a complex structure.

What you see and hear in a good video goes much deeper than what you might read.  Explaining that you have a distinct and clear effect upon a given population is hard.  Showing that you have a this effect upon people is much more gratifying for the watcher. And the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

For Best Start Hubs in Sault Ste. Marie, telling their funders that both children and parents have access to French language programming, or that health care organizations work in tandem with them for other programming, just isn’t as effective for them as showing this in their video.  In the video, we show them working with Algoma Public Health, we listen to children singing songs in French, and there are smiles everywhere.  Best Start Hubs is demonstrating their work in action, and this is great for their funding applications.  They may still choose to include this information in their application, but it is reinforced by the audio-visual accompaniments.

To see the Video we produced for Best Start Hubs, click on the photo below and use the scrollbar on the video player to navigate down the list to “Best Start Hubs“:

Even writing professors teach their students to “show, don’t tell.”  This is true of video, too.  When you’ve got the chance to show them your stuff, then do just that!  Why not seize the opportunity to show what you do, when you can?

Video production utilizes elements as varied as photography, music, text, voiceover, lower thirds, moving imagery – all to tell a tale.

A good Marketing Video tells the tale you want your funders to hear.  It may be a tale of opportunity, where you show the viewer how much you have to offer.  It may be a tale of growth, where you show the viewer how much your programming has to offer with adequate funding.  It may be a tale of security, where you show the viewer the stability of your support.  Whatever tale you tell, your Marketing Video can offer a richer viewpoint that secures the position you are assuming.

When we produced the Algoma University videos for their Foundation Office, we assumed the position that adequate funding of their Arts programs would be a boon to the greater City of Sault Ste. Marie in general.  Framing their story in this way to their supporters helps everyone understand that supporting the Arts at Algoma University is a good thing for everyone – not just the students.  This is an essential element of their aptly named campaign, “Essential Elements: The Campaign for Algoma University”.

To view the three Algoma University videos we produced, click on the Video Still above.  Just scroll down the list until you reach the videos that begin with:  “Essential Elements” Capital Campaign”.

A great Marketing Video tells a story.  Story is key in an effective video.  Using this story to help secure funding?  Well, that’s just downright good use of your video.

To view our portfolio of HD Corporate Videos that we’ve done, just click on our logo below!