I’ve been very busy these last couple of months.  First of all, I’ve been teaching an Intro Video class at the local college here in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  Secondly, I’ve been busy quilting the winter blues away…

At the Soup Kitchen here in the Soo, Calna McGoldrick has been teaching Art Quilting to participants in their new Art Quilting program.  Calna is a pro at this kind of quilting; she’s been teaching others how to do this kind of quilting for many years as she’s been perfecting her craft.

The first piece I created is this one below with the reeds coming out of the water against a backdrop of trees.

Not your average video by any means.

Art Quilting -- another form of art production (certainly not video)
Sorry about the photo quality; I was NOT on my game that day...

This kind of quilting requires the artist to translate visual craft through the medium of fabric and thread.

Detail of my first piece of art quilting, a close-up of the reeds.

In the above photo, you can get a sense of the amount of work put into the piece.  I used variegated thread to highlight certain aspects of the piece, and patterns in sewing that helped to push elements out to the onlooker while other elements receded into the background.

I used a photo I had recently shot as the subject for this first Art Quilt I made.

Detail of the ground I created for my first Art Quilt, made through the Soup Kitchen's Art Quilting program that Calna McGoldrick teaches.

I found that I like to layer fabric to create distance and depth in a piece.  You can see similar stitching choices made in my second piece further on in this blog posting.

Detail of background trees in my first Art Quilt, made through a program designed by the local Soup Kitchen.

Calna teaches the Art Quilting Tuesday to Friday and Saturday afternoons.  She’s a great inspiration to some of us because her own work is so stunning.

My second Art Quilt made through the Soup Kitchen's program.

For anyone interested in learning how to Art Quilt, just give a call to the local Sault Ste. Marie Soup Kitchen and ask Calna when is the next quilting dates.  Free if you are on some kind of Government Assistance, but only $10 bucks if you work and have an income.  This nominal fee gives you access to all the fabric that Calna has purchased for the project, as well as threads and use of sewing machines.  If you are on Gov’t Assistance of some kind, Calna will work to sell it for you.  When it sells, you give Calna 20% back to pay for materials and you keep the rest.  If you have a job and an income, then you pay your ten bucks and that’s that.  You keep your piece and show it off to your friends.  It’s a way for people on Gov’t Assistance to make a bit of cash through their own creativity.

And if you only want to come by the Soup Kitchen to have a look (or to buy some already-finished pieces), then just give Calna a call and make an appointment to come and see what we’ve all been up to.

It’s really worth the trip!