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As we gear up for another video production here at Molly Media Studios, this time for the upcoming Don’t Waste Talent conference (DWT), we are reminded again of the importance of doing good works in the community.

As a video production company, Molly Media Studios is perfectly poised to do some good works from time to time in the Soo (as Sault Ste. Marie is affectionately known).

Arial view of the Soo Locks.

This time, we are working for an organization that works with persons with disabilities, and this organization couldn’t otherwise afford our prices.

Lots of non-profits like DWT have limited funding, yet they still need excellent quality videos to put forth their work in the community.  This time, DWT has invited a speaker from Toronto to give a talk, and we will be recording the event, combining it with some in-studio interviews, to produce a 2-3 minute video that will help DWT get their message across to web visitors of their homepage.

We were thrilled to get the call to do the work.

Thrilled?  Yes, thrilled.  Not because we like working for very little pay.  Who likes that?  But because we can help an organization that helps to make life easier for persons with disabilities.  And because we are a supporter of organizations who do good works for persons with disabilities, we were thrilled to get the opportunity to do the work.

We once did a video for Algoma Residential Community Hospice (ARCH), another non-profit in our area.

Once we learned about the work of ARCH, we were thrilled (there’s that word again!) to work on the piece.  ARCH needed a video that would communicate the feeling of what it is like living at ARCH under hospice care for their guests.  Some of the people that they visit in the field to come to ARCH are much too sick or immobilized to come to ARCH to visit.  Since ARCH would be their last place on earth to live, it’s important that the “feeling” of the place come across in the video.  At the end of the project, Helen Ross said of the work that,

“We were very satisfied with the video produced by Molly Media Studios for the hospice. They put a great deal of thought into incorporating all the requests made by staff.   The photography was beautiful and the overall presentation captured the essence of hospice care.   It was a pleasure to deal with friendly professionals who were respectful of our special needs for confidentiality, resident and family privacy and still were able to provide an artistic presentation.”

Helen Ross, Algoma Residential Community Hospice

Helen Ross, on left.

What is more creatively satisfying or pleasing for a business but to have a happy client like that who appreciates the work you did for them?  ARCH would have had no way to produce a 7-minute video that would serve their needs without our contribution to their coffers in the form of the work we did.  And that pleases us.  Immensely.

It comes down to the fact that we are here to live as part of a community, and as part of the community, we are sometimes called upon to give to that community.  And one of the best ways we as creative individuals can serve this calling is to use that creative energy to produce something that wasn’t there before that can aid our client in their work.

The business Karma is extraordinary.  People hear about the good works we do, and they don’t forget.  One of the things we can do as a video production company is negotiate credit for ourselves; a little note at the bottom of the video serves well, that indicates that the video was our work.  This is what we did with Algoma Residential Community Hospice (ARCH), and what we’re doing with DWT, too.  Everyone sees the work and knows it is good, and there isn’t any better advertising than that.

You can always find reasons to not participate in your community, and you can find all kinds of reasons to take the bull by the horns and participate in whatever capacity you can.  Here at Molly Media Studios, we try to do what we can, with the talents we have, to help others in need.

And at the end of it all, it just plain makes us feel good.

The ARCH homepage, with our credit at the bottom of the video.

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