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As we finish up another production period, this time for the Ministry of Natural Resources, it’s time to gear up for other work.

The Ministry of Natural Resources contacted us late last year asking us to produce an instalment to their “Forest Focus” series of videos previously produced throughout the years.  We were tasked with shooting for two days the Boreal Forest that stretches from about an hour’s drive from Sault Ste. Marie, all the way up to Chapleau and beyond.

For two days we shot, 12-hour days with only one stop for lunch.  There were five of us on the trip.  Myself (Darren), another Molly Media Studios employee, and three forestry experts from the Ministry and the Canadian Forest Service.

We got some beautiful footage throughout the two days, and everyone’s mood was up and congenial.  Our production manager had packed us a wonderful couple bags of food that we devoured after 12 hours of shooting on that first day.  It took 1-1/2 hours for the lasagna to cook, even though it was thawed!  And we were so hungry waiting for it.

We built a fire that night, in the fire pit, and sat around getting to know each other better.  I had to call it quits by about 9:30 p.m. because I was so tired, but the others sat up until late in the evening joking and having a good time.

We had to produce two videos from the footage, an english language version and a french language version.

Click on the logo below to see first part of the Forest Focus video in English, and the second part of the Forest Focus video in French!