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Color grading, sometimes referred to as “color correction” (though this is a misnomer)  is one of my favorite parts of my work.  I love taking a great video and making it into something outstanding through the use of color grading.  Fixing contrast, shifting hues, adjusting saturation; color grading is an essential task in video production.  Because of the difference between the optics of human eyes versus a mechanical lens, what we see is not what the video records.  Color is subjective.  Color is creative.  Color is where it’s at.

As a video producer, I have incredible amounts of information at my control.  I control the complete image.  I get to choose what is in the frame and what is out of the frame.  I get to set up the lighting.  I get to direct the talent.  I get to cut and paste and fool around with narrative as I…

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