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As we gear up for another video production here at Molly Media Studios, we went out to scout the location the other day.  We’ll be shooting at the Finnish Rest Home, here in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and producing a new video for them.

A gathering of friends at the Finnish Rest Home.

The Finnish Rest Home currently has three distinct areas of functioning.  They have a facility for independent living, one for assisted living, and then a nursing home.  Many of their residents start out in the independent living facility, and then as they age and need more services, then transfer to the other facilities.

The nurses station in the nursing home phase of the Finnish Rest Home.

We shot some beautiful pics in there the other day.  Here at Molly Media Studios, when we scout out locations, we like to bring our dslr with us to snap shots of the given location.  This helps us plan out our shots.  What camera angles to use, what lenses to use, what other equipment (perhaps a jib?) might we use.  All of this planning helps make the shoot go much smoother than it otherwise might.

A library of books that residents of the Finnish Rest Home can borrow.

One of the things that struck me most about the Finnish Rest Home was the amount of light in the buildings.  They were flooded with light.  And there were so many little nooks and crannies where one might meet with friends for coffee, or sit and read by the light of the window.

Most of the windows look out onto the beautifully sculpted grounds of the Finnish Rest Home.

Artwork adorns the walls.  Much of the artwork has been donated by previous residents and their families.

One of the most impressive pieces I came across that day was a table with a crib board carved into it.  The whole table was handmade by a former resident’s son.

Hand carved and gifted to the Finnish Rest Home.

The chapel on site was bright and airy, too, with some beautiful stained glass windows that spread colour across the room, splashing on the opposite walls.  Apparently, numerous denominations use the chapel at different times, providing worship services to all the residents who want them.

One of the nice things about the Finnish Rest Home was that they had a separate kitchen in the assisted living facility where residents can cook meals and dine with their families who might come to visit for Sunday dinner.  This allows residents to continue to host their families like before.

One of the things that really struck me about the Finnish Rest Home was to watch the interactions between the staff and the residents.  Smiles were everywhere, and everyone seemed to genuinely care about everyone else.  The staff took time to stop and converse with the residents, and little conversations were cropping up all over the place between them all.  I really got a sense that they all got along quite nicely.

A fourth facility is under construction at the Finnish Rest Home.  This phase will incorporate more apartments for independent living at the Home.  One of the reasons that we are working on a video for the Finnish Rest Home is to help them with securing funding for this phase of construction.

I’ll leave you with some more pics of the Finnish Rest Home.  I hope you enjoy what you see.  It really is a wonderful place with a great atmosphere, but I’m not sure that comes through in the pics.  Believe me, though, it would be a great place to spend your coming years.

Patio off one of the kitchens where residents eat their meals.

Activity board in the assisted living facility.

A small though adequate exercise room.

The sauna room in cedar.

Even the laundry room is bright and airy and clean.

A small knick-knack shop set up by the ladies auxiliary, which helps to support many areas of the Finnish Rest Home.

The woodshop, available for anyone who has talent in these areas.

A resident’s room.

On-site hairdressers.

One of the many quiet nooks to curl up with a good book and lots of light.