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Web Presence Optimization. Many are talking about it. Finally, KC Associates (a B2B Marketing & PR Firm) is doing something really interesting about it.

What am I talking about?

The Problem: Everyone want to know their metrics. Are their SEO tactics working? Are they sprinkling effective keywords into their PR materials? What is happening with their Social Media experiment (because, let’s face it – for many large companies Social Media is just an experiment at the moment)? What is their Share of Voice?

Sure, there are all kinds of measurement tools out there to calculate these metrics, but the landscape is fractured – as fractured as the communications landscape out there. These tools are not designed to work in tandem. They are isolated glimpses into the results achieved by a broad spectrum of tools available to today’s modern marketing professional. Marketing professionals are overwhelmed with the data that each of these measuring tools is providing, and attempting to synthesize these various data into a larger picture of how their contemporary marketing practices are performing. It’s a daunting task.

You don’t think this is a problem? Let me assure you that every marketing professional is being asked to measure their marketing tactics and report on their findings to the board, the executives, and everyone else working on these projects. For example, I’m currently job searching in the Calgary, Alberta area – and almost every single job description that I’m looking at for my level of experience and education is requiring that the competitive prospect MUST be able to perform these metrics and synthesize the information.

The Solution: I only just read about it this morning, while trying to catch up on some important blog articles that I’ve been meaning to look at.  I subscribe to a lot of marketing blogs, and one of my favorites is Webbiquity’s B2B Marketing Blog (look for the link at the end of this posting). In November 19th’s posting, “New Breed of Web Metrics Can Help Marketing Executives Make Better Decisions” I found the best solution to this problem yet proposed.

Recognizing the problem way back in 2010, the guys and gals over at Webbiquity began working on a framework that would incorporate all these metrics into a working model that analyzed the relationships between these different metrics. They did this because so many of their own clients were asking for simply understood summary stats that combined to illustrate their overall web presence across the multiplicity of measurement metrics out there. Exciting stuff, yes – but there’s more.

Not only did they begin crafting a framework for developing these results for their clients, in October 2012 they announced a new offering to their services: “a new and innovative approach to maximizing online visibility based on the firm’s ground-breaking Web Presence Optimization (WPO) framework.”

So it seems that they’ve perfected their craft.  But when I decided to download the whitepaper on the subject (their email opt-in function, of course), they informed me that they would be publishing another whitepaper (due December 2012) which they will send me.  I hope its a study on their findings of the effectiveness of their framework – but I doubt it).  Nevertheless, I am contacting them first, then offering my email, so they can begin to establish the relationship upon which a sale is supposed to be made.  You know how it works.

But the whitepaper is interesting, too.  Enough so, that I’d suggest you download it yourself. (A link to their blog is at the bottom of this page).  According to it, the whole framework rests upon the base of your Content Strategy, which include both your type of content and your distribution frequency rate. Your Content Strategy is the base upon which rest 5 Areas of Web Presence, including Press Presence, Social Presence, Website Presence, Industry Presence, and Paid Presence.  And it’s in the combination and weighing of each of these presences that are synthesized in the final evaluation of your calculated Web Presence.  And it’s this presence that is so important, because it gives you the Big Picture of how your various Communication strategies are working together.

The Framework Model for measuring Web Presence Optimization (WPO)

This infographic (copyright KC Associates) is taken from the Whitepaper I downloaded and illustrates the Framework upon which the KC Associate experts have structured their service.

It’s really worth downloading their whitepaper…

Too bad that you still need to involve the company in your evaluations and conclusions.

Still, their service is very exciting. So much so that I think that what they really should be working on (and maybe they are) is an application that performs all the calculations and spits out the resulting findings in graphs and short bursts of text info.  And then they could include in their consulting repertoire the possibility of contracting them to advise your Communications Team on what to do to shift their numbers.

Now THAT’s a product I’d love to buy.

Webbequity Blog:  http://webbiquity.com/

Download the Whitepaper here:  Whitepaper Link

KC Associates Website:  www.kc-associates.com