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I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity lately, especially about how to channel creative energies at the service of entrepreneurial goals.

What- you’re not an entrepreneur? If you’ve in the business of developing ideas, fixing problems, managing emergencies, developing products (yes, even YOU, authors!), or brainstorming complex corporate barriers for solutions to any part of your organization’s activity – then you’re more of an entrepreneur than you realize!

So what’s this all got to do with creativity?

The Creativity Corporation

Creativity is Required in Every Aspect of Your Business and Professional Career

Some would say that to be a successful entrepreneur you must have a creative mind, and I would agree with this.  Every day is met with finding creative solutions to business challenges, especially when resources are tight.  No matter your area of expertise or niche market you inhabit – creativity is where it’s at.

So I’ve been toying with relaxation techniques that I learned in my early 20s, coupled with meditation.  But I’ve been meditating on my own business challenges, finding solutions to problems I’ve been facing in my daily course of business.

We are all inherently creative.  It’s part of being human.  Our minds are rejuvenated and replenished by creative thinking.  Creative meditation offers us a chance to apply our naturally occurring creative energies to the sometimes vexing challenges we face on a daily basis.  And sometimes — oftentimes — we get the answers we are seeking in the process.

The ultimate end of creative block!

Sometimes it Just Doesn’t Come Easy!

An example from recent experience.

I needed to come up with a statement that encapsulated the essence of what we do at my company.  Not the fact that we produce marketing videos and advise our clients on social media strategies and appropriate distribution techniques, but what was underneath all that.

Underneath the productions, underneath the interactions, underneath the way we ourselves view our work.

Things were really hectic at the time.  I was transitioning the business from a home-based business to a commercial location for the first time, and I was drafting the most lucrative deal that my company had faced since its inception.  I was feeling a lot of pressure.

It sometimes happens like that.  We get so busy with the daily tasks of our entrepreneurial endeavours that we have no time to sit and quiet our minds.  No time to slow down and gather our thoughts.  At times like these, I’ve learned that I have to make the time to slow down.  I have to schedule in time to think.

goldfish in light bulb

This Guy is in a Bit of a Predicament – I’d Hate to be There When Someone Flicks the Light Switch!

I made time this one afternoon to quiet my surroundings by turning off the phone and closing the door.  I dimmed the lights and sat down at my desk, closed my eyes and began my relaxation exercises.

My relaxation exercises are very easy to perform, actually.  I start by imagining the whole length of my body and becoming aware of its location in space.  In other words, I try to take stock of my whole body and feel its presence in the immediate surroundings.  I make sure I’m really comfortable, and then I just begin to consciously relax areas of my body.  I work from my head to my toes, really listening to my breathing and applying as much concentration to relaxing my body as I can.  Yes, it sounds contradictory but it works.

brain poop producer!

This is How I Feel Some Days…

Once I had my body all relaxed I began to mediate on my problem.  I wanted a phrase that would sum up everything about what working with Molly Media Studios meant to both my clients and myself.  I also wanted a phrase that I could use as a benchmark to measure all areas of my company – from client relations to product development to final distribution.  Every aspect.

I focussed on one thing.  I had previously determined that, in order to keep my ideal customers coming back to me for repeat business, I had to excite them with the process of working with us.  That one word, “excite”, held all manner of possibilities I believed.  If I could excite my clients about the work that I did for them, then I was more than halfway there in pleasing them with my product.  Because let’s face it, a huge part of the product that I sell is the creative process itself that surrounds the production of their videos.

So I focussed on this problem, while this word, “excite”, floated in the fore of my mind.

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes Has Been a Favorite of Mine For Years – Read and See Why!

Other questions floated through my mind.  What do I really sell?  What do I feel about my work?  What have clients commented on in the past?  All manner of questions drifted in.  I looked at the problem from as many sides as I could muster up.  I really scoured my brain, interrogating every aspect – good and bad.

When you are really in a relaxed state, whether induced through conscious meditation of just because you’re walking on a beach, it is easy to ask yourself questions.  It seems as though these moments we let down our guards and just check in with ourselves.

It is this process of checking and interrogating all angles of a problem that leads to creative insights.

The answers you look for may come in difficult disguises.  With that one word, “excite”, in my mind I was hoping to come up with a sentence or phrase that might tell the story of Molly Media Studios.  Rather, I got another kind of answer than the one I thought I should get.  With a flash of insight, I realized that I wanted a three-word tagline with all the words starting with an “e”.  That was the answer I got from my meditations that day.  Not the actual words that I would use, but the idea of a structure for my tagline.  With a quick rush of excitement I realized that all I had to do was search the dictionary and thesaurus for the words to fit the structure I had creatively developed after interrogating the problem.

boundless creativity

And Sometimes… This is How I Feel!

By the end of the day I had my tagline:  Exceed Excite Excel.

Three short words that sum up what it means to work with Molly Media Studios.  The process of quieting my mind and meditating on my problem, applying creative techniques to my business problem, resulted in a wonderful creative solution.

This technique of quieting your mind and meditating on your business issue at hand can be used for all sorts of difficult problems.

Sometimes the solution you find won’t look like the solution you were seeking, but that might be a good thing.  Your creative solutions that come in flashes might prove to be better that what you could previously have imagined.  And sometimes you’ll have to meditate on your problem for a couple of days and then put it away on the shelf.  You’ll be surprised how often your solution will just pop into your mind in the days afterwards.

dirty hands

Gotta Get Your Hands Dirty as You Interrogate Your Own Mind!