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Having vision is essential to your professional work – or any undertaking you undergo.

Having a Vision

Having a vision is essential to any undertaking if you want to be successful.


Without vision, there is no idea.  With no idea, there is no story. And with no story, there is no communication.

It’s the horse that lost the shoe again.

There must be something to guide the professional – and not just the bottom line, either (see reference to Marianne Williamson, below). There must be something that excites the professional, that ignites ideas and fuels the fire that create your stories. I’m talking about how you frame your communications to reinforce, strengthen and make recognizable your brand.

Whether that brand is a product (a new pair of sneakers by Adidas), an organization (the “We Are The World Foundation” – which raised millions of dollars by bringing the most popular and/or talented musicians of the day together – to relieve the effects of famine in Africa during the 80′, scomes to mind), a philosophy (Marianne Williamson comes to mind – er, where is she now after so many rumours of her primary focus on her bottom line?) – or just you, yourself, so you can climb that corporate career ladder. In order for your brand to succeed and for you to be able to craft the best story possible about that brand, the better that brand’s chance of success. And to do that you MUST have vision.

Working on my own company’s communications strategies these last 5 years, Molly Media Studios Corporate Video Productions, I’ve come up with a great way of teasing the vision out of a client.  We call them our “Needs Analys Worksheets”, and with them, we are able to come up with a host of descriptive words, guiding principles, and proposed feelings that the product we produce needs to effect by the end of the production.

Descriptive Words

You MUST have figure out the descriptions of your product before you even produce it.

This Needs Analysis Worksheet is what gets the ball rolling.  How would you build a road without a roadmap?  It’s like that with video, too.  You need a roadmap of where your video is headed before you can begin.  If not, you will spend copious amounts of time spinning your heels and trying to figure out what to shoot, what copy to write, how to edit.

You Are Here

You Are Here on Your Own Path – What Will You Make of It?

These Needs Analysis Worksheets go a long way in keeping everyone focused on the task at hand, with a common vision of where the video needs to go.

These sheets can be very helpful when viewing the rough draft of the video with the client for the first time.  While discussing the rough draft, you can use the Needs Analysis Worksheets to explain why you’ve made certain choices and not others for the product.  The client really appreciates it, too. In fact, just the other day after screening the rough cut of a client’s video, she exlaimed, “That’s exactly what we talked about doing!

I was very pleased with myself.


You have to focus yourself on your primary objective.

Get creative with your own Needs Analysis Worksheet. You can ask all kinds of questions.  The key to developing these questions is to always keep in mind what you are trying to do: draw out feelings and preconceived visions of the client’s expectations for her final product.

And if YOU are your product? Construct a Needs Analysis Worksheet thinking of which questions you would ask a prospective employee you were considering on hiring – and then put yourself to the test. Answer the questions. Honestly. You might be surprised to find out what your real dreams are of your final product (YOU) should be.

Very exciting stuff.

If you’re a Communications professional considering hiring a video production company to produce your new marketing video series, then take time to think. Think about what you want to accomplish with your video before you even call a video company. Or if not, then make sure the video company you do call will help you focus your vision, rather than just blowing smoke up your dress.

Offshore Wind Farm

An offshore wind farm – someone had a vision!