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It’s been a good run.

Graphic by Becky Cortino, used with permission under Creative Commons licensing, and downloaded from Flickr.

Marketing & Communications is where my heart lies; at Brown University, the career counselor I worked with always counselled me to “follow my passion”. And so that is where my Blog is leading me – to combine my passion and Marketing skills in service of my newly conceived Blog: Darren Jorgensen’s Marketing Blog, at www.darrenjorgensen.com This image visually demonstrates competing interests within an organization, where each organizational silo is steeped in insular activities, competitive with other organizational silos for funding and authority, and generally at odds with other “working parts” of the organizational structure. This kind of isolationism spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!

But all good things must come to an end. And so it is.

I’m so very grateful for my loyal following of bloggers, interested parties and unknowns who lurk around my blog postings and refrain from commenting due to shyness, disinterest in commenting, or just plain too little time.

I am so very grateful to all of you.  This blog has taught me a lot. I’ve used it many times to test the waters to see what works in blogging, what doesn’t work so well in blogging.  I’ve been obsessively watching my metrics to view patterns and formulate projections on how individual blog entries might fly, or how different titles can affect attraction rates.

One of the most important things I have learned during these last couple of years with Molly Media Studios blog has been that, for a blog to be truly successful and engaging, it needs to be focused. It needs to have a sense of purpose about it. People need to come back to it because they are looking for a specific kind of information and they have learned that you, as a competent blogger, are able to convey.

Darren Jorgensen's Marketing Blog is my new blog, and it focuses on brining relevant, digestible, and timely Marketing information and guidance to various groups of professionals.

Focus in Focus! This photo illustrates perfectly the kind of keen focus a blog should be centred around. The Molly Media Studios blog was loosely focused on bringing together Video Marketing Best Practices, Visual Theory, Cultural Theory, and some very random posts which I used every once in a while to share some photos taken with my new DSLR camera. Yes, I love taking photos. I even studied photography professionally in my early 20’s. But my career moved along other paths and journeyways over the years – and here I am!

This is not now I’ve been working this blog. Rather, I’ve taken a piecemeal approach. Trying new approaches. Trying new categories of postings. Comparing text-heavy to image-rich postings to see how each fares, and why each fares as they do. I’ve also been keeping a close eye on which posts get tweeted and otherwise shared across social media platforms, and which don’t.

And so I’ve decided to close down this blog.

Don’t worry. No door closes without another opening in life. And so, I offer up to you:

Darren Jorgensen’s Marketing Blog

The URL for my new blog is easy to remember:  www.darrenjorgensen.com

(And that’s JorgensEn and NOT JorgensOn – everybody on earth misspells my last name!)

Go ahead!  Click on the link!  I DARE you!

On my new blog, I take an in-depth approach to three main subjects that are close to my heart – all of them delivering content on some aspect of Marketing – my main passion and choice of career.

Subject One:  The Marketing Mix-Up

In these blog entries, I interrogate all kinds of issues facing the contemporary Marketing & Communications Professional working in a post-modern Fractured Communications Landscape.

Marketing & Communicating in a fractured communications landscape is sometimes like navigating unclear and murky foreign transactions without adequate preparation - or so it feels with such an emphasis on calculating Total Web Presence for an organization.

This unfocused shot represents the murky fractured communications landscape that all Marketing & Communications professionals are navigating these days. How well they each manage depends on all kinds of acquired knowledge, as well as a commitment to continuous learning to keep ahead of the curve and maintain professional marketability as well.

Issues such as best practices, Social Media Do’s and Don’ts, new marketing initiatives that I find particularly intriguing, Marketing & Communications eBook Reviews, ruminations upon work being done by other Marketing teams such as KC Associates or MarketingProfs, for example.

Or sometimes, just some simple responses to other blog posts that I’ve come across while catching up on my blog reading that has been piling up. So it’s basically a Marketing Mix-it-Up, rather than a Marketing Mix-Up.

I think I’ll change the name of that particular area of the blog, come to think of it!

Subject Two: Online Web Presence Optimization

These posts focus on new developments in the arena of Social Media Metrics and finding a solution to a question more and more of us Marketing Professionals are being asked, “What is our total Web Presence metric?”

This question is often asked by CEOs and Vice-Presidents of Communications or Vice-Presidents of Business Development or Vice-Presidents of Future Initiatives – actually, MOST Vice-Presidents ask this same question, believing that there is a simple equation for “calculating” an organizations Total Online Web Presence metric.

Graphic produced by B.Garry and used with permission under Creative Commons Licensing agreement. Downloaded from Flickr photostream.

Calculate Total Online Web Presence for your organization? Are you nuts? Just who do you think you are – Atlas? Carrying the world on your back and stringing together discontinuous and unrelated metrics to present an overall picture of continuous accomplishments? But what kinds of accomplishments have you really achieved? Do you REALLY know which metrics you should use to calculate your Total Online Web Presence – and which ones to leave out (which is just as important)? This graphic portrays Atlas with the weight of the world upon his shoulders. This must be how contemporary Marketing professionals feel when asked to produce a reading of their organization’s Total Web Presence measurement!

They seem to think of it as being the same kind of simple beast as a calculated Share of Voice.

But as Professional Marketers who are now waging war against this inundation of computer generated metrics and daily (sometimes hourly) changes in percentages and determinations of the stickiness of individual website pages, we know how difficult it is to gather the specific data sets that yield timely content, sift through the chaff and detritus of meaningless data (hey, it might be a metric that is essential for one Marketing measurement, but you just don’t need to measure that aspect of your plan), and calculate, evaluate and incorporate procedural alterations to your Marketing & Communications strategies upon these findings.

How do you tell these Vice-Presidents and sometimes the CEO that there currently IS no way to calculate Total Online Web Presence, and the only metric to use is actually a combination of complicated metrics – all with different elements to track and calculate and read, without any common denominator.

And do you remember back in Grade Five when your math teacher was teaching you fractions and you had to understand the importance of changing all the fractions to a common denominator before you could begin calculating – otherwise you were just grouping apples, oranges, grapes, lychee nuts, coconuts, papayas, blueberries, passion fruit, sapodilla, pineapples, pawpaws, acerola – er, you get the picture, right?

Well, try communicating THAT to your excessively eager, sales-driven, promotion-obsessed, corporate-climbing, cut-throat Vice-Presidents who all want either your company’s CEO job, or to enact a career move that is mobile both upwardly and outwardly directed.  And what they want from your Total Online Web Presence metrics is an edge against the other contenders – to be THE ONE armed with an accurate “big picture view” of the state of the organization, and that develops the brilliant organizational framework to carry HIS company into the “new-ish” millenium where it will secure its position as a market leader and primary source for a particular product, service, or type of information. What these Vice-Presidents want is an edge that separates them from the rest of the C-level wolf pack.

The search for a workable solution to determine an organization’s total Online Web Presence is being fiercely fought, at this very moment, by a range of Marketers, Researchers, Developers, Agile Adherents, Government Agencies, Individual Corporations trying to manage their Online Presence across multiple content publishing platforms – and a whole bunch of others.

These blog entries interrogate, mine content, paraphrase & cite experts, explore ideas and best practices, and critique rudimentary, small scale solutions attempting to address this vexing bump in the current post-modern Fractured Communications Landscape.

Subject Three: The Book Marketer’s Bible

Most authors are authors. Most small presses are small presses. Most book agents are book agents.  And most self-published books don’t sell. They just don’t. Why? Because nobody – and I mean NObody – spends any time developing, instituting and working continuously with each book to develop and institute its own, unique Marketing Plan.

These blog entries attempt to remedy that situation as much as possible.

The books in these stacks somehow made if from conception through development through production to these dead end shelves. Not enough adequate marketing, perhaps?

Marketing your own book is a daunting task. But it CAN be done. With a little guidance. But hey, we all need a little guidance from day to day, right?

Using acceptable, proven, capable and timely Marketing techniques, combined with relevant and trustworthy Social Media Marketing guidance, and armed with deep self-knowledge about personal drives, expectations, levels of managed commitment to developing and instituting a working plan, any committed first-book-deal author or small press or even a self-published author can take away tidbits of information on how to proceed, or dive deeper into building committed relationships within relevant online communities to take their writings to new levels of disbursement.

The blog entries in this series are primarily geared to guiding these bolted and shackled souls soaring into new heights of Marketing & Communications facility.

So, after all is said and done, I will be taking this blog offline within the next few weeks.

If you have enjoyed our Molly Media Studios blog over these last few years, or if you are already a regular email or RSS subscriber, you might want to convert your feed to come from my new blog. Again, that URL is:


So give it a click! Come and join me and my new following on the new blog, and find out more about Marketing in our contemporary fractured communications landscape, or get involved in the conversation about Total Online Web Presence Optimization (WPO), or take a gander at how I use basic marketing and communications techniques to guide authors on how to brand their Selves, how to develop a professional blog that is content-rich in the kinds of content that their targeted buying community is interested in, or how to think of themselves as a Company, and to use that to their advantage.

Yes, you might have noticed that some of the blog entries that I first published in this blog have been transfered to my new blog. It was because of these new forays into publishing Marketing content in this blog that helped me to refine what I wanted my blog to be about. And with those early decisions that I made, this new WordPress blog developed.

Again, one last final plug:  www.darrenjorgensen.com

Come on, and take a look! And then subscribe, share and enjoy to the max!

I remain,
Your friend,