About Darren – His Passions, His Particulars, His Psyche – And His Marketing Ideas!

I’ve always had a passion for the represented image.  And for communicating that image, transforming its meaning, developing and intensifying its power, and recapitulating its usage.

And words.  I’ve always been fascinated by the written word, the well-tuned phrase, the stunning moment when the words paint a picture in my mind.

And so I’ve always written.  The school paper.  Really bad short stories at the age of 11.  Letters to the newspaper on issues of the day.  Blog entries.  Articles that helped hone my writing skills.

And then Brown University at the age of 30 – where I was able to direct my love for words and my love for imagery through a program in Communications. That’s where I first realized that I had a passion for helping artists market their own wares.

From a very early age I was also fascinated with photos, films and fantasies.  I got my first 110 roll film camera for my 11th birthday, and never looked back.

At 19-yrs old I enrolled in Dawson College’s Institute of Professional Photography in Montreal, Quebec.

The Institute of Professional Photography at Dawson College is where I learned to light a scene.

There I learned how to light, how to pose, how to work with people and make them at ease in front of my camera.

When I returned to school at Brown University, I thought I would study Political Theory and head to law school afterwards.  I knew I was good with words, and everyone knows that lawyers have to be great word-workers.

I took my first Video Production classes with Professor Tony Cokes at Brown University. Here I found my passion for the moving image.

Though I gravitated towards Writing and Painting and Video and Film and Sculpture and Printmaking classes, I was frightened of being poor, you see.  I had grown up dirt poor, on my single mother’s Welfare allowance, in the seedier parts of Edmonton, Alberta – and I had a terror that I would always be poor for the rest of my life.

A career in communications seemed out of the question.  I mean, how could you make money in that field unless you were unbelievably-incredibly-exceptionally talented.  And lucky.  And connected.  And placed in the right place at the right time.  I mean, I could never make money in what I loved.

But I got my real grounding in Communications at Brown University, and after that a taste for creative development had begun to run through my veins.

Well, law school was a fiasco.  I quit after two years, and submitted my applications to MFA programs in Video Production all over the Northeastern United States.

After 3 years at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, I returned to Ontario, up to Sault Ste Marie in the North, and opened my own niche start-up: Molly Media Studios, specializing in the growing market of Video Marketing.

But though this blog was originally dedicated as the Molly Media Studios Video Production Blog, I’ve decided to recapitulate it more explicitly towards Marketing principles where I can explore and share my Marketing & Communications expertise with others. Especially with authors and agents and publishers who are trying to learn how to market their own books.

Why?  Because I have a rather unique perspective, I believe, having worked both ends of the Marketing & Communications spectrum; from conceiving, developing, executing and tracking Marketing initiatives, to the Production side of things, like actually conceiving, developing, executing and deploying the products that I have used to market my clients.

I come from both the theoretical AND the production angles – and this makes my thinking (sometimes) a bit different from others.  And sometimes, I’m even on the money (at least I HOPE I am!).

You can check out my Corporate Video Production work in my portfolio at the Molly Media Studios website by following the link below:


And I hope you return to this Blog, keep checking it out, and engaging me in conversations.  I love it when people challenge my ideas; it forces me to rethink, re-evaluate, and sometimes, recapitulate them. So please comment, especially if have a contrarian point of view!

Welcome aboard!


Darren M Jorgensen


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